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The History of Brainware

In Business for over 20 years!

Brainware was originally founded back in 1996 by Bryan Aamot. It was formed after signing a contract with Interplay to build video game software. Brainware's premiere product was the Descent Mission Builder which allowed gamers to build new levels to the fast paced first-person video game called Descent. The Descent Mission Builder was originally written in DOS then ported to Windows 3.0 prior to it's release. It sold as a separate utility in software stores and was later bundled with the game itself. The Descent Mission Builder was used to create thousands of new levels which were freely distributed over the internet so gamers to play the game far beyond anyone's expectations. This game ended up being one of the top-selling video games at the time.

After several successive video game editors, Brainware entered into the booming business of creating websites. As the Internet continued to grow, Brainware adopted best practices for design, reliability, maintainability, and extensibility. Employed as a System Architect and later a Senior Technical Manager, the president, Bryan Aamot, gathered extensive engineering experience working on such products as: AOL for the Palm OS, AOL You've Got Pictures, Cross Platform Client Engines, 2d and 3d Graphic Engines, Stock Photography Reselling, E-Commerce Websites, Directory Services, Mobile Ringtone Websites, Flash Multimedia Websites, Search Engine Optimization, and numerous other ventures.

Today, Brainware develops iPhone apps. We have several titles of our own which were developed in-house and also with partners. We also have several apps published by other partners not listed on our website. We are always entertaining other application ideas but we are very selective on which ones we develop. With nearly $1,000,000 in sales, Brainware LLC is going strong and fully engaged in protecting the great brands it has developed.

Bryan Aamot

President / Owner

Brainware LLC

Long Beach, CA