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World Tides 2015 - Now available on iTunes! Note: version 3.1 (not available) fixed negative tides shown on about a dozen locations.

Android Support - Well, we did an Android port of the American Sailing Association app. And, the sales were even worse than I thought. On top of that, it costs us more to make it because of all the different device screen sizes and software versions. Apparently many Android users steel software quite a bit or they just download free apps. Android was supposed to take over the app market years ago, but they didn't. Instead, the apps are of much lower quality than iOS apps and sales are about 1/5th (except for games). Despite all the hype, the Android ecosystem is far from what everyone predicted it to be.

iPersonalTrainer - New In-App purchases available iPhone (and soon for iPad). All the old exercises are still there and we even added a few extra for free. But, now you can purchase about 4 times as many exercises. Sales have been fantastic on these in-app purchases. Thanks everyone for showing that you appreciate the app!