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Long BeachCaliforniaUnited States of America( November 19, 2010 -- 
Have you ever wanted to hire a personal trainer, but it was just too expensive? Now you can!! Whether you are trying to lose weight, tone up, or gain muscle mass. We provide you with step by step instructions on how to reach your goals. 

iPersonalTrainer is the only app that designs ideal workout routines based on your fitness level and goals. It tracks your progress and adjusts your weights and reps automatically. You don’t have to think about a thing. Built-In hi res videos and tips explain how to do the exercises. Loaded with tools to track your progress. 

Designed and tested by Certified Personal Trainers in Southern California - the world's fitness Capital. This app provides hundreds of proven effective exercises for both men and women. 

Uses your profile settings to determine the best exercise for your needs. 

Tools include: 
- Weight Tracker 
- BMI Calculator 
- Plate Calculator 
- Video Player 
- Body Measurement Tracker 
- Before and After Pictures 
- Stop Watch 

About Us

The app was a combined effort of Nicholas Rians, the owner of FitnessWorkx LLC in Huntington Beach, and myself, Bryan Aamot, owner of Brainware LLC in Long Beach, CA. Nick provided the videos and the exercise routine data and I provided the software. Nick is a former US Marine, Ultimate Fighter, and currently runs a successful business with a staff of trainers teaching everyone from kids to professional athletes. In his spare time he helps organize community events for the city. I am a former Senior Technical Manager / Systems Architect from America Online with a background in Aerospace Engineering and currently write various apps for the iPhone/iPad and I build large scale service based websites. My best selling app is Tide Graph which has been in the top 25 of the Navigation category for nearly 2 years now. 

Websites – Bryan Aamot- Official website – Nick Rians Business website