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Tide Graph

We have 3 Tide Graph apps. Each are designed for the platform (iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS). The iPhone version can run on the iPad device, but we don't recommend doing this because it's not nearly as nice. The reason these are sold separately is they each took a significant effort to create. Our price is kept low for these quality products.

Q: How do I change locations

A: On the iPhone, just tap on the location name. On the iPad, use the Location button on the top of the screen. On the Mac, use the menu item named Station. Note: We removed the Map from the Mac version because the third party software we were using broke on us. So, we're rewriting it with our own mapping software.

Q: What happened to the Tide Tables button? (iPad and iPhone only)

A: Ah! You're looking at a water current station. They don't have tide tables. Choose a Tide Level station instead.


We have an iPhone and iPad version of these. A new version of these is due out in Fall 2012.

Q: Does the app require workout equipment?

A: Yes and now. The app is designed for working out in the Gym, at Home, or while you are on Vacation. At the Gym, we take advantage of all the equipment. At Home, we only expect you to have a set of dumbbells which don't take much room and are very inexpensive. On Vacation, you'll need resistance bands which can pack easily in a suitcase. You can always skip exercises too or change them up depending on the availability of the equipment.

Website Editing

Brainware hosts hundreds of websites using our own home brewed content management system. We think it's the easiest system to use out there once you get to know it. It also runs at about 10 times as fast as all the *free* systems like Drupal, Wordpress, and Joomla that are bloated with useless features and take months to learn. But, even Brainsite requires a little help. That's why we wrote a user guide. Take a look. If it doesn't answer your question, let us know and we will update it so it does.

Brainsite User Guide